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Long Gone Last Innocence ~ Fateful Haunting Reminiscence

Pushing Forward

About to lose my grip actually ... but still trying to hold on to whatever is left now. Friends, faith, my everyday words will be my saving grace for sometime from now on. Start writing some stuff too. Ideas seldom come by, but it's kinda a good thing. I can think of a more serious stuff to write. Other plans are in the making. Last night, had a few ideas with friends that I really want to bring upon to the outside world. A few sets of lyrics and I'll celebrate a hundredth writing soon. But, I'm gonna take it slow and easy, let the idea flows smoothly so I can actually write something great later on. Trying to take everything easy despite of a huge workload and other stuff to handle. I'm gonna do it, no matter what. I like doing them and I'll keep doing them for as long as my will of doing these lives.

In This Time of Chaos & Terror

Currently having a terrible flew. Changing weather nowadays does nothing but making it worse. LOL. And because of this too, having a terrible creative block for the last 4 days. Ironically, before all these happened, I had a very good day and was starting to get all happy about it. Suddenly, the next day, I found myself having a flu. And since then, the days just got worse and I've been struggling to finish everything, from my assignments to my tons of projects that I'll be having in these few weeks to come. It's just terrible and sometime I fell like giving up is the best option. But, think again, this is want I wanted in the first place anyway and it keeps me happy all the time, judging from the fact that I've been so down lately, because of every bad things that I had expected to happen, happened. Trying to find healing in my friends, my work, and my writing on the other side of the world. Right now, I'm having another worst creative block and it kills me actually. I got a set of unfinished lyric that I haven't been able to work on for the few days. Hopefully, I can get it done soon in this time of, pretty much, chaos and terror ....