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Long Gone Last Innocence ~ Fateful Haunting Reminiscence

Cotton Candy Clouds

A little girl wondering around
A little too young to have things figured out
A little too small to stand tall
She’s just too little to walk in that huge crowd
Pain is all she’s got left and it falls like pouring rain
And when it stops, everybody asks “What had you found?”
She just smiles and walks away

I have never seen
Such a beautiful wonder like this
So innocent, an untainted flower
She lives through her days in bliss
Before she knows it her heart has healed

A mother and a father
And a little boy they don’t seem to bother
Always out and leave him alone
As if elsewhere is so much better than home
For all his life, he never knows what true love is
And when it’s time to go, he just smiles upon his fate
Never shed a tears

They can’t ever see
Such a beautiful smile like his
He’s always been there waiting at the front door
Now, he’s gone forevermore
Nevermore, he lives in misery, his heart has been healed

A woman lying on her bed
Alone with all her thoughts of painful yesterdays
Waiting for her moment to fly away
So she could forget all her bruises and her broken faith
Then, she turns her eyes to that sky full of cotton candy clouds
With tears upon her face, she says to God above
“I want to leave here now”

Guess she’s already seen
The light that comes to save her
It takes her breath away
And soon, she finds her way to Heaven
‘Coz God is great and all her hurts will be healed

Sometimes, dealing with the pain is the best "teacher" when it comes to living a life ...

To Give and To Take

What is the meaning of to give and the meaning of to take? especially in love life? I don't really think that people really have gotten the idea of these things yet. Sometimes, when they say they are in love and the first thing that comes through when they talk is, "We learn to give and to take in love" I'm not quite sure if I'm ever going to believe that. Because it never did happen in the past. So, to make the saying live in this world just might be a wishful thinking. I kind of feel sad and frustrated to see people suffer because of the thing that they call pure love. What is love when all you ever feel is just a pain that eats you from the inside. The idea of giving and taking is quite far away from reality now. But, I keep my head and my heart high and wish that it would happen someday for me, and the same goes to people out there ....