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Long Gone Last Innocence ~ Fateful Haunting Reminiscence

To Give and To Take

What is the meaning of to give and the meaning of to take? especially in love life? I don't really think that people really have gotten the idea of these things yet. Sometimes, when they say they are in love and the first thing that comes through when they talk is, "We learn to give and to take in love" I'm not quite sure if I'm ever going to believe that. Because it never did happen in the past. So, to make the saying live in this world just might be a wishful thinking. I kind of feel sad and frustrated to see people suffer because of the thing that they call pure love. What is love when all you ever feel is just a pain that eats you from the inside. The idea of giving and taking is quite far away from reality now. But, I keep my head and my heart high and wish that it would happen someday for me, and the same goes to people out there ....


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