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Long Gone Last Innocence ~ Fateful Haunting Reminiscence

Regrets for the Past

I can't help but to drown myself day by day in my ow regrets for all the things happening in the past, all that happen now and maybe, all the things that will happen in the future. It's the very part of me that is affecting and emotionally controlling. It moulds pretty much everything of who I am and what people see in me nowadays. As you get older, you're getting mature with your choice and thoughts and suddenly, you're reminiscing about those things that "killed" you way before this. Yesterday, something really came up unexpectedly and it was so shocking. But then again,. I don't really have the heart to feel hate, or to even thinking of hating because I am now, like anybody else. Human and emotionally vulnerable. As much as you want to get that particular bad karma and vibes out of you, you can't really help but regretting them again and again. It's hard to keep up with the pace of today when you still can't find a way to get over your broken. It stays in you as a reminder that you're so bad that you don't even deserve to be given a room for forgiveness whatsoever. And you just end up being filled with guilt. It's a tough life that I'm going through at the moment. But sadly, I'm too private that I can't even share some of them with those great people of mine to ease up the pain and lift some of the burdens away ...


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