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Long Gone Last Innocence ~ Fateful Haunting Reminiscence

The Point of It All ...

Doing a bit of self-reflection as I'm here sitting in my favourite cafe with my notebook to look upon. As soon as I woke up, I just realized that it's weekend and I didn't really have an idea what to do. I took my shower, got dressed and woke up out my room and out of my house. And I'm here, onlining as if I got nothing else to do. I still have a lot of work to do. But I decided not long ago that this weekend will be away-from-work day. Just for a while so that I can take a breath of fresh air and figure out what to do next with ease. I've been so out of control and so machine-like. There's no stopping for me these last few weeks. So, I really want this weekend to just work. It's not really going to be all away-from-work weekend totally. I decided to have this weekend for myself just so that I could make use of the time to figure out and finish my own piling work. And I managed to finish one. There's more to go. So the point of it all, I'm finally able to spend some time for myself and do my own thing.


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