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Long Gone Last Innocence ~ Fateful Haunting Reminiscence

Waiting for the Rain to Fall

I’m waiting for rain to fall
So, I can finally break the wall
Sunny day won’t do me favour
If you just sit on the other side, doing nothing at all

I’m waiting for the rain to fall
So, I can finally knock on your door
Clear blue sky won’t do me a thing
If you close your ears and don’t listen anymore

Faith is all that matters
Take your time and wonder

Don’t ever lose to your own coldness
You’ll be frozen by your emptiness
Open up your eyes to uncertainties
It’s just another simple way to live

I’m waiting for the rain to fall
We’ve been fighting endlessly these days
Heat of summer might not be good enough
If the sun that shines bright can’t melt your heart away

Ocean’s deep and mountain’s high
There’s no easy way out in this life
So, try and put out the flame inside
Let love be your guiding light
Through the sky full of grey clouds

‘Cause faith is all that matters
So, take your time and wonder

Then, the storm comes around
And so does the pouring rain
Hope you let it all out
Never hide your fears again

Something that I wrote early last year. It tells you about a somebody, doing everything including the impossibles to save what and who they love. Based on a true story of a friend of mine. It didn't end well eventually, but they are happy with their lives right and have already moved on ... 


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