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Long Gone Last Innocence ~ Fateful Haunting Reminiscence

Some Things Are Bound To Change

I admit that I used to be a totally different person, sporting a totally different persona during those days in the past. I was so new to the world that I was seeing at that time and I tried hard to fit in as I was quite timid when growing up. Being timid made me a bit cautious towards my surroundings. But, it started to wear off gradually and I became quite open with what I was seeing, hearing and talking about. I got to know many different kinds of people and places that I had never been before. I started to learn new things, read different kinds of stuff, take on different kinds of challenges. These elements shaped me into who I was at certain point in my life. Then, came those changes, and I became another different person again. I started to figure out more about what I want and what I love. I started to think about what's best for me and what wasn't. I basically grew up into who I am today and I have never been much better, relaxed and liberated than I am now. 

A friend of mine came to me one day and the person said that he saw so many changes in me. Maybe because he was away from my sight for a long time and when the time came for us to meet up and have a talk, he sensed something a bit different about me. We're bound to meet up one of these days as well and he might say the same thing over again when we meet. I do believe that we cannot run away from changes. I now become a little bit simpler. I used to dress up till I overdressed myself sometimes. Now, I only look for things that are simpler to my eyes and less heavy-looking. I used to have less thoughts about what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go. Today, I am quite cautious about many things. I begin to think more about life and have much deeper thoughts about everything. These changes come naturally to my senses. Some of them love them and some of them think that it might be a little bit extreme for somebody as young as me. I had another friend who told me that I have matured more than I should and I am too old for my age to be thinking about or saying some things. I sense a small truth in what they said but I cannot go back to where I was and be at one place for the rest of my life.

All I know is that, some things are bound to change as you grow older and wiser. You will go through some changes even beyond what you can comprehend and realize. I've grown and for now, I like how I have turned out to be. And I do hope wholeheartedly that all of us are able to embrace and welcome them into our lives with open hands. Changes are still changes, but we have to remember one very significant thing. No matter how far changes may take you and how changes have changed you, somehow they will not be able to change the rest of you. There will always be something that other people can identify with when they look at you and you will always have some things in you that can never be changed because they define who you were in the past, who have you been presently and who you are going to be in years to come. You will own that signature personality that will eternally stay with you. It's just that, some parts other than your signature personality and looks will experience changes, as they pave ways for those things that define who you are to live on for the rest of your lifetime...


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