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Long Gone Last Innocence ~ Fateful Haunting Reminiscence

You'll Find Me

A million miles away from this lonely city
You’re running around trying to make it
Leaving everything but your hopes and fears
You’re amazing indeed

If you can’t ever find a better place where you can stay
You can always come back and find the best place you’ll ever be
Here beside me

If the day is raining
When you’re looking at the sky
And it gets darker by the minute
You can’t even see a ray of light
Don’t lie down on your bed alone and cry, my baby
Look deep into your heart, and you’ll find me

As I’m sitting on the steps counting the days
You’re out there chasing dreams
Wish I could find a wing and fly away
Be by your side now, that’s my only dream

If the pain burns inside your heart and you feel like screaming
Just turn the radio on, play our favourite songs and sing
Let it be your healing

If the world around you
Is turning into an empty space
And reality hits you hard
You can’t even fake a smile on your face
You’re close to falling and you need somebody
Look deep into your soul and you’ll find me

Someday, you’ll find your way up to the top of those mountains
And you’ll have the strength to swim across the seven oceans
So, I hope you still have me in every corners of your mind
I pray there's still be a way to get to you and make you forever mine

A lyrical poetry that I wrote a couple of years ago about one of my good friends' long distance relationship. At that time, I was impressed by how dedicated and committed he was on trying to make his relationship work. I was even more impressed when I got to know that the relationship had been going on for a couple of years. Later that night, I went back to my college dorm and took my poetry book out straight away to write about everything that I thought about that kind of relationship If I ever had one. Surprisingly a few days after, he came to me and said the relationship had already fallen apart and it wasn't much of a mutual kind of separation. Till this day, I'm still saddened by how it turned out. It had already run its course. But, I never lose this sense of awe and impressiveness about their commitment when they were still together because it takes so much to keep it up. Love is a great thing. And as we all know so well, great things come with great responsibility to burden, and great prices to pay. 


Well written. It's very..romantic and soothing. :)


tq2 tasha ^O^~ walaupun bukan sebenarnye yg terjadi. This is actually quite meleleh sampai bby fikir dua kali nak post ke tak. This is so not me in real life XD


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