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Long Gone Last Innocence ~ Fateful Haunting Reminiscence

A Million Different Ways

A million different ways
To love somebody with all your heart
If you can live a day or two with hurts and pain

A million different ways
To find the happiness you’re longing for
If you smart enough to think there’s more to gain

So, don’t bother those senseless thoughts
Crawling through the veins in your minds

One step forward leaves a thousand years behind
One tear of your eyes shatters all the fears inside
A day you realize there’s so much more
Is a lifetime of chances and wonders, that’s for sure

A million different ways
To start this life anew your own kind of way
If all these years, you’ve been living empty lies instead

A million different ways
To close that very last path to your broken past
If you think there’s a reason behind every closed doors

Don’t waste your time for something insignificant
Lift your soul higher than the tallest of mountains

One look on the dark side shuts the light of your future
One bit of loneliness is the road to emptiness
The day this world you live in is ending
Will be your eternal sadness and regret, that’s for sure

Days and nights of blissful hopes and endless glory
That’s the only thing you ever need

Inspired by one of my favourite songs. There are many ways you know to live a life and get what you want in life ...


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