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Long Gone Last Innocence ~ Fateful Haunting Reminiscence

Season's Greetings

Today is a very spiritually inspiring day. I'm celebrating festive season and I don't know what to say about it. It's been a while since my last feeling of anticipation over festive season because to tell you the truth, I wasn't really into and the same goes right now. It's weird, everyone should be happy walking around visiting relatives.'s hard to say what you feel, when you actually have figured out what would happen usually during the first day. And it did happened just now. Way disappointed. I should had just said I wouldn't be coming along. It's too much and I didn't really comfortable at all. Hypocrisy all over, while you knew what actually happened behind closed doors earlier. I don't want to think about that. They can pretty much do whatever they want to do. I'm sicked of giving words of advise and putting a face. What makes today very inspiring is my writing of course. I took a time to read again some of the pieces that I've done while listening to a few good songs by Taylor Swift. And pop!. New ideas came through my mind and I started writing a few verses. Not yet complete but I'll take my time. That few verses turned out great. Another story-telling kind of poetry but I think, it's a bit different this time. So I'm excited about how it would turn out in the end, though I'm the one writing it actually. Taylor Swift has been my biggest inspiration when it comes to writing poetry, along with a slew of other great singers, songwriters, lyricist and, words and melodies of songs that I listen to. Among all these, she's the premier inspiration because she just write what she wants to and it comes from her heart. The stories she writes in her songs also comes from true events that happened throughout her life. That just makes the songs feel so real because they are. Every time I listen to her songs, I always have something that I want to write down and be proud of it. And in this festive season that I just got the feeling that soon, the joy would end for me, I just want to embrace my poetry just to escape from the world and play with my own little imagination. At least, I won't feel much pain and hurt, after all that I've been through today ...


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