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Long Gone Last Innocence ~ Fateful Haunting Reminiscence

Like I Never Have Faith At All

Hmm....not actually a great start. Sickness, feeling like you're all by yourself all the time, caught up in workload and on top of everything, not having much inspiration. These are the things that make me even down and somber. Sometime I just feel like I've done nothing more than just trying to destroy myself. Because you know that you're doing things so halfheartedly, and they wont get you anywhere. I'm up against the world right now and pretty much, I'm on my own. And after all that we've done, sometime we kinda like figure out, are these meant for us eventually? Will these be rewarding later on? Are we up for nothing? or have we done enough? I'm afraid I have no answer to those questions. I can just keep on living my life, trying to catch up with things, lifeless. Like you'd never believe in anything before, like you never have faith at all...


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