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Long Gone Last Innocence ~ Fateful Haunting Reminiscence

What It Feels Like

Flying angels in dresses of white,
Soaring up in the sky,
So pretty and beautiful,
These phrases can’t describe

Confusion in my mind,
I just can’t understand,
Then, I say a word of pray,
Wish it will go away.

Why do I see grey clouds?
Darker then they used to be,
This must be God’s sign,
For the first time, I know,
What it feels like to believe.

Don’t know how I got here,
Many days have come and gone,
The end is getting near,
But I’ll keep moving on.

The world is changing now,
And the space is going round,
Darkness seems so clear now,
I know what I have found.

Why do I see the pouring rain?
Thicker than yesterdays,
This must be His sign,
Deep in my heart, I realize,
What it feels like to be alive.

I wrote this 2 years ago. One of the earliest literary thoughts that I've ever written, and it's based on a song that I really liked back then. It's about you discover things you have never seen before, know things you have never known and trying to say that you are celebrating what you have and be grateful, be inspired by what freedom and faith have to offer in life, through whatever even a tinge of darkness that may come in your way. It makes me realize, I have never been in that moment of ease for quite some time ...


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