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Long Gone Last Innocence ~ Fateful Haunting Reminiscence

Never Ending

Crimson flame,
Burning like a sun,
A sign for me,
It’s all been said and done.

Shining light,
Blinding my vision,
But it’s all over now,
Finally, I can see my salvation.

Throw those lies away,
Live like there’s no end,
For better or for worse,
I live my life till the end.

This is a song for the lonely,
Crying over never-ending sad stories,
Let love prevails once again,
Wash your tears away in the pouring rain.

The truth,
It’s like diamonds in the sky,
They could be a million miles away,
But, the lights shine bright.

Roses’ thorns,
They’re nothing but hurting chains,
Keep yourself away from the raging lies,
Because, they’ll only cost you pain.

“Happily ever after” won’t come,
Without “Once upon a time”
Let your heart beats like a drum,
Because you know, it’s not a crime.

This is the only way out of,
Your never-ending insanity,
Things you’ve never dreamed of,
They’re all in your hands to see.

Things happen,
There’s a reason why,
A million decisions,
It’s for you to decide.

Broken hearts,
Will heal once again,
Love will keep you out,
Of the pain you’re in.

Wow. How long have I been keeping this one? This is actually an early writing of mine. A couple of years ago to be exact. Based on one of my friends' experience of having a very rough-filled moments with all bad things just wouldn't want to end. But, that person knew that it's all meant to be so that the person could get stronger with each pain. Definitely an old piece and I like keeping it just like this, not only to show the original thoughts of my teen years, but also growth of a person. And I'm growing day by day, so does the person I took the experience from to write this one ... 


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