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A Painful Choice For Tomorrow's Fulfillment ...

It's 1 in the morning where everything drowns in the darkness of the midnight. And it is very cold out there, I get chills all over me when I'm in the house. Currently in front of my sis's notebook because I had to send mine again to my technician. As always, nothing is perfect but I never would have thought it could get this imperfect. And guess what, I just got it 5 days ago and I had to send it to my technician because of one little problem that could get worse if untreated. What a day in the life of a boy just wanting to have his normal life back.

Today, somebody close to me bugged me with a triggering question that I was not prepared to answer. What am I going to do after graduating? Well, I never thought of planning to find job or whatever things that a normal person would do after finishing my practicum. But I did decide on certain things. I just didn't know how to answer it and I decided to keep quite about it. But the things that I had decided upon before this are definitely taking a lot more sacrifice than what I have now. It is definitely a painful choice to make, but it's worth every bit of sacrifice that I'm going to do for tomorrow's fulfillment ...


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