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Long Gone Last Innocence ~ Fateful Haunting Reminiscence


That cold night came with so much glitter
Lighting up the perfect, navy blue sky
We were a few miles away from town
But, we knew there’s a celebration coming down

We took a car and drove away
As fast as we could, so we wouldn’t be late
But, we got there just in time to watch
The most beautiful night we’d ever had

Silence all around
10 to 1, we started to count

I looked at you
You’re too caught up in the moment
With a smile on your face
Enraptured by those fireworks
Bursting in the sky
And across the space
I took a chance and told you I love you
And that was the last thing I’d ever said to you

That cold night comes around again tonight
Can’t believe it’s been a year without you by my side
As I drive away, I wonder where you are tonight
Would you be there if I called you out this time?

Lovers, walking down every corner of the streets
Away from the world, what matters is here
Looking back at those days we used to be in love
I’ve got teary-eyed, I just can’t hold back these tears

It’s happening all over again
10 to 1, but everything remains unchanged

And I think of you
In the middle of the crowd
I fake a smile on my face
As I’m looking at the fireworks
My mind is filled with thoughts of you
In every space
Wish you were here to see me crying
I don’t want anything else
‘Coz it’s you I’m missing

Goodbyes fill the air
Ready to call it a day
All good things will come to end
But, hurts and pain are here to stay

I pray for you
As I’m closing another chapter of my life
Without a smile on my face
Then, the fireworks stop
I guess I have to go now
I’m heading back to my place
So, I take this chance to forgive you
But, I’d never know if I could ever forget you

The second one from a pair of work that I did after listening to a song. The first one was One Less Pair of Hearts. Another theme that goes on in that song is about how fireworks triggers love memories with that person, signifies the end of a relationship and paves a way to move on. Wrote this exactly after the first one. And I actually was writing this with a melody in mind. The story might just be an exaggeration. But the persona I took the inspiration to write this from is real and that person is a dear friend of mine ...


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