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Long Gone Last Innocence ~ Fateful Haunting Reminiscence

Rain on the Afternoon

I wake myself up
From that long, dreamless night
A sleep that seemed so restless
Though I’d turned off the light

I wake myself up
To the sound of teardrops falling on the roof
Absent-mindedly looking out my window
To find out it’s raining on the afternoon

People on the roadside turn away and run
As the grey clouds sail away under the sun
I’m sitting on my bed watching time flies by
So fast like these falling raindrops from the sky

Life seems to be so all over the place
Never know what might lie under the mess
Thinking of the big old world outside
Makes my young heart feel so little inside

I take a shower
Not knowing the water has gotten colder
As if I’m gonna get myself frozen
And no one cares to even bother

It’s way pass 12, I put on my clothes
And realize, I shouldn’t have dressed up so soon
My mind is here, but the thoughts are gone
In the pouring rain on the afternoon

Still, I could spend some time to say a little pray
Never give a chance for life to lead me astray
Hoping I would always be in the bliss of love
Always be blessed by Heaven above

Life seems to be so all over the place
All good things don't seem to last these days
Thinking of the crazy world outside
Makes this young heart cry a little inside

What a feeling
In this time I’m wasting
I’ll keep myself sane
As the rain keeps falling

This was written last year during one rainy afternoon of one of the lowest days I had. I had to make up my mind back then on one of those critical matters in my life. I poured this one out to get out of that sadness. Whatever is written in this piece is exactly everything I did at that time. How I wish things would be as simple as I imagine they would be ...


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