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Long Gone Last Innocence ~ Fateful Haunting Reminiscence

World of Wonders

Leave your bed cold now, sweet child
Open up your beautiful eyes
Wake up from your never-ending dream
The light of a new world is waiting

Don’t be afraid and whimper, sweet child
Open up your innocent heart wide
It’s time for you to look deep inside
In your soul you’ll find meaning, it’s not a lie

Take that first step and you realize
It’s a world of wonders outside
Full of things that you’ve never seen
And places you’ve never been

My sweet child
Waiting for the life to begin
Let your tears run dry
Make your way to a new beginning

Never feel a little too late to learn
There will always be a room for improvement
Evil whispers everywhere, lingering on your ears
Remember, God is ever watching over your shoulders

Growing up is a hard thing to do, love
So, better look on the brighter side
Mother will save you from falling out of love
Father’s hands will lift you up high ‘till you reach the sky

Hurricane winds and raging thunderstorm
Come crashing down on your way back home
Try to find a perfect shelter along the way
So, you’ll be coming back home safe from harm

My sweet child
Taking off on a journey
Never ever lose your sight
Keep praying wherever you may be

Don’t dwell on yesterday
If it ever makes you sad
Senseless fear won’t get you anywhere
Nothing’s coming in your way
Don’t worry, it’s gonna be okay
You know love will always take you there

My sweet child
Heaven above is ever forgiving
Mistakes are meant to be learnt
Live a life worth a thousand years of living

Something that I wrote a year ago. A very simple message for the youngsters who will take over the future when we've got older ...


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