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Long Gone Last Innocence ~ Fateful Haunting Reminiscence

Here We Are

Those days when we used to play around
With false hopes and empty dreams
We’re close to falling off the ground
And drowned ourselves in misery
We lost our guiding light so many times along the way
Never thought after all that we’d been through
We would ever find it again

Here we are
Together as one
Wrapping our sweet thoughts around us
Through the day and through the night
You’ll be here beside me
Forever ad always, you’re my one and only

Still remember
We used to sing those love songs
And we talked about those silly things
That you would be the queen
And I would be the king
In the imaginary castle that we built
Then, we had ups and downs and we both went away chasing dreams
Never thought after all these years
We would find ourselves loving each other once again

Here we are
Together again
Looking back at our bittersweet past
Can’t help but to cry
Knowing you’ll be by my side
Now I realize that we’re just meant to last

True love is here to stay
Happiness, whispering in the air
What more could I ask for?
I can never find another you anywhere
Now, let’s live and die
Together in the light

Here we are
Looking at each other
As we wrap ourselves around the promises
"Happily ever after” is right in front of us
Don’t ever think this is a fairytale
Just believe in what I say
Forever and always, we’ll stay this way

Since November this year a month full of weddings and heartbreaks, might as well I post this one that I wrote a year ago. Wrote this with a picture of a pair of hearts reminiscing good old bittersweet days before walking down the isle and lead a new life ahead. Even if heartbreaks are your company, it's good to take some time and reminisce all good times you had previously before you head on to another new beginning. ^o^ And for those who will be walking down the isle, I sincerely wish you all the best be happy...


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