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Long Gone Last Innocence ~ Fateful Haunting Reminiscence

An Honest Mystery

A rush of fears is running through my veins,
Insecurities keep suffocating me again and again,
Just thought of giving up, then there’s a figure, it’s you,
You’re standing tall in the crowd under the sky so blue.

Her beauty speaks the words of philosophy,
Though her presence is nothing but ordinary,
Glasses on her face and a bag full of books,
She makes sure her days won’t pass by empty.

Behind those shining eyes,
There’s an honest mystery,
By the skin of her teeth,
Look how far she has been,
I’m enchanted, and I’m sure.
There’s no ending to her story.

She gives me chances when I feel like falling,
She calms me down when my heart is hurting,
I know you won’t let me down, my friend,
Even if the light is gone, we’ll make it ‘til the end.

Every now and then, we’ll chat on the phone,
But she never let me know what’s going on,
All her girlfriends linger to her day and night,
I’ve never seen her walking down the road alone.

She paints her faith with fate and destiny,
Every hope she prays for is a taste of glory,
Her life is an open circus for the whole world to see,
But when it comes to tears she cries, it’s her privacy.

I can never find the answer,
To this honest mystery,
What a girl she has become,
Now, she’s better than me,
Sooner or later, she’ll realize,
She’s the hero of her story.

She lives her life like she’s in a battlefield,
She gives me something dear to hold on to,
She gets smaller while her dreams are getting bigger,
Cause in the end, what she believes is all she got to prove.

The smile is so kind and true,
It makes feel like I’m a fool,
A little unruly and out of place,
But I won’t love her any other way.

I wrote this for one of my best friend. One day, she said for once, she wants to hear how other people see her through their perspective and points of insight. So, I volunteered to write something like this so she could figure out how I see her through my eyes. And until now, they never change. She is what she is in this writing. Which I'm glad.


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