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Long Gone Last Innocence ~ Fateful Haunting Reminiscence

A Matter Of Heart

Have you ever wondered
Why you run away
From the truth that comes to save you
You just throw your hopes
On the stairs
Wishing they would leave you alone.

Have you ever needed
Someone to talk to
To lead you out of the loneliness
So, don't be lost in the crowd
Full of fools
Guard your soul from the raging darkness.

Lie's all a matter of heart
If you believe it, it tears you apart
A thousand years of living won't mean a thing
If you don't dream
Just breathe easy
Breathe easy.

Have you ever wondered
Why the light is here today
And it will always be there for you
Clouds of grey above your heads
Will come and go
But, sun will shine forever.

Have you ever thought of
A hole deep inside you heart
Only nothing but a burden
Then, just cast away
Let time heals you once again
Drown your past into the ocean.

Love's all a matter of heart
Bring back all the good times to the start
No room for gloomy days
Each moments you make is another glory
So, let it be.

I did this for a friend of mine, who was going through a tough time fighting in a losing game not long ago, hope that person likes it though ...


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