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Long Gone Last Innocence ~ Fateful Haunting Reminiscence

See You Again

I lost you,
In the crowd,
I called your name,
Was it loud enough?

I walked through,
A winding road,
Nowhere to turn to,
And nowhere to go.

Million pieces of broken yesterdays,
I’ll keep them safe in my hearts anyway.

If I could travel across the distance,
Of mountains high and rivers deep,
I would tell you what I’ve been wishing for,
Someday, somehow, I’ll see you again.

I don’t care,
If I have to die,
To be with you,
Is worth any sacrifice

I’ll let you know if my heart’s still beating,
Cause in the end, I’m the one who stay.

If I could fly across the universe,
Where the stars sing songs of endless love,
I would be the one to guide you all the way,
Just believe in me, I’ll see you again.

A dedication to all best of friends out there, wherever you are at the moment, in deepest of misery or at the top of the world, remember that there will always be people who stay by your side, regardless of any flaws that you have. A lot of things have happened these days and I can only hope for the best and the outpouring happiness for all of us. There's no perfection and there's nothing more perfect than imperfection and the same goes to all of us. There's nothing much more happier than seeing you happy that, even if I'm not happy at the time, seeing you living your lives happily is nothing a but a bliss for me. Troubles come and go, fights and wars between us come and go, but remember, pure friendship is eternal.


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