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Long Gone Last Innocence ~ Fateful Haunting Reminiscence

Around The World Today

He’s walking down the street alone
With a false hope in his hand
To find the love of his life

She’s running in the pouring rain
Hoping there would be a shelter
So, she could settle down for a while

Whatever gets in the way
They’ll keep on walking
They’ll keep on running

I’m looking out my window
Thinking these are their lives
Always grateful though never been perfect
That’s what goes around the world today

I heard screams of dissatisfaction
2 lovers of different intentions
Hoping to save what’s left before it’s over

I saw a little girl lost in the crowd
Seemed to me, she got nowhere to go
Couldn’t find a place where she could call her home

Whatever reasons it might be
They’d keep on fighting
She’d keep on wondering

I’m staring at the sky
Thinking those are their lives
The love seems all over the place
And that’s what goes around the world today

I saw a woman, she was proposed
By her one and only man, I supposed
But, her face seemed rather not composed

The family next door was falling apart
“Should have gone to waste”, he said
“I think I’ve had enough”, she yelled

Whatever comes in their way
Hope she’ll do the right thing
Hope they’ll make it last, make love shine again

I’m praying for their happiness
For those are their lives
Uncertainties and bittersweetness
Will always be around the world today


I wrote this earlier this year, one of the earliest writing of 2009

Bliss and despair, love and heartbreak, joy and tears and all. All these are just the many parts that mould our entire life. Hopefully, after all those hearts have been mended, and we won't have to run through the pouring rain any longer, a light will shine and bring more good stuff. To all. we say goodbye to a very long year of 2009 and usher the new year of 2010 with all our hopes and fears. Happy new year. Love y'all ^O^~~ 


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