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Long Gone Last Innocence ~ Fateful Haunting Reminiscence

I Could Go Back To Every Laugh ...

Everything has changed a bit since I said goodbye back then. I'm trying to get used of it, and I think I'm gonna be just fine along the way. That day was like a very surreal moment for me. Not only I said goodbye to one thing that has kept me going on until now, I said goodbye to a lot of things that has gotten me so worked up, so in grieve, so deeply scarred. It's all about, you're going forward and not looking back and also, not being bothered by all stupid stuff. I thought I just made a big decision too. I just can't wait for things that I'm currently looking forward to come next year. I have lot of big plans and arrangements that I want to work on. I'm moving forward with my savior of all these years too, my writing. Lately, I wasn't really writing that much. Maybe because I had a lot of things going on that I couldn't find a perfect time to lay down words. However, when I suddenly found those times and I started writing something, they turned out to be something positive. Something like, you find light in the dark, positive coming out from negative and all those stuff. And every time I finished writing them, I feel so good, a bit better than I was feeling before. And I'm gonna start writing more stuff soon. I think my writing has just gotten a bit better, a bit more perspective-driven, a lot more serious and a lot more sensitive. I'm kinda liking this new environment that I'm in and the direction that me and my writing are going right now. Maybe, just maybe, I'm gonna get my chance to get them out there for people to listen to soon, with a help of a very good friend of mine, of course"finger crossed". Another thing is, I'm currently learning to put my flaws and all those bad things behind. And also, good things that, sadly, are pretty much the basis of all the craziness and tears, and my disappointment now. Many people wished I could make up those things and let it be the way they used to be, like they were. But, there is something about those things that make me do this and maybe, it is best to let them be memories instead of growing pains. I've got God, a number of best companions that I can actually count to be with me and other things that keep me going, and they are all that matter/Quoted from one of my favorite songs, "I could go back to every laugh...but I don't wanna go there anymore..."


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