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Long Gone Last Innocence ~ Fateful Haunting Reminiscence

The City of Broken Hearts

In the city of broken hearts
Where anything could break you apart
I stood there trying to be strong
As I had been waiting for you long

In the city of broken hearts
Where dreams die and tear apart
I tried my hardest to keep mine alive
‘Coz I could only dream of you in this life

But, nothing’s ever working from the start

Now I’ve found you, but you look me away
You’re standing like a statue; you got no words to say
Silence is the only answer you could ever give
I bet all that you want right now is to leave

In the city of hundred stories buildings
Shining like a spotlight under the sun
It’s blinding but I kept my eyes wide open
Just in case, you might ever come back running

In the city of flashing red lights
Lighting up the streets so bright at night
I could hardly see the moonlight shining in the sky
So, I prayed I would find you somewhere in the light

I realize I was procrastinating all this time

Now I’ve found you, but you look me away
You’re standing like a statue; you got no words to say
Silence is the only answer you could ever give
I wonder if you want me to turn around and leave

You’re here with me with a look that breaks my heart
You’ve always been so easy, now you’re making it hard
In this sad concrete town, we begin to feel so little
Guess losing is a sure thing when love is only a cold battle

Don’t you think so?

And now I’ve found you, you look me away
Am I the reason there’s no smile on your face?
Your silence seems to say I’m who you can’t forgive
Maybe I was wrong to think you’re who I could believe
Now, it’s time for me to leave ...

This is actually one of my favourite poetry that I've written and it was written based on a story that I had in mind. It tells a story of a person who has been waiting for the love of his/her life to return, only to end up noticing that the person has already had a change of heart when he comes back to him/her. At the time I was writing this one, I knew that I did not want to go straight into telling how the situation was like. So, I created a metaphorical storyline. I imagined this person was waiting for him/her in the city who was known for being a place where everybody would end up losing love and broken hearted. But, the person just stayed strong and tried to turn a blind eye. And when his/her love did come back, the person couldn't help but noticing something had changed, the other half had changed and the love was gone. The feeling of losing love is something that is very close to my heart. Because I know very well that I have actually gone through the experience and it was definitely an awful thing to soak in. Even though this writing is just an exaggeration of outpouring creativity and words play, but the feeling that lingered around this one is just as real as anybody who has actually experience it. 


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