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Long Gone Last Innocence ~ Fateful Haunting Reminiscence

This Time

Forgiveness is a simple thing
It’s a way of letting go of the past
But you know, something as simple as this
Will never come to last

To fall in love is just a sweet thing
In a moment, you’ve found your everything
But in the end, if all you ever feel is misery
Better leave and just walk away

This time, I pray
Hope He wills my pain away
It’s too much for me to take
And His my only saving grace

Bittersweet is what I feel inside
You can tell by looking into my eyes
It’s hard but the only thing left to do
Is moving on

Don’t lie to ourselves anymore, dear
The ending is coming near
Bury all these thoughts at the back of our minds
And move on

This time, we pray
Hope we finally find a way
To forget yesterday
And live for another day

Through the darkness, through whatever
Passing seasons and changing weather
As you start believing nothing is forever
I’ll dry my eyes and pull myself together

This time, I pray
Hope it’s not too late
This heart of mine is hurting
To You, I seek my healing
You’re my only saving grace

It wasn't supposed to be this long and reflective until one particular night of chanting prays and reflecting what was happening around me 2 years ago. It was originally a very simple poetry. But that one night changed everything. I had my first pray since forever and I looked back all the problems that my friends were facing at the time; broken hearts, losing things, one problem after another. It was really an eye opener for me. Suddenly something came to my mind, saying that I had been neglecting what should and doing what should not for as long as I could remember. Everything flashed through my face and I suddenly wanted to seek God's help for the first time in many years. As soon as I finished performing my pray, I took my poetry file from the bookshelf and I accidentally turned to this piece. And I thought, I really want to change this one a little bit because it deserved a little bit of creative justice and a much deeper reflection. It came naturally and I revised some of the words and added a few lines. This is one of my favourites.


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