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The Things Worth Giving Away & Leaving Behind

Last Saturday and Sunday, I suddenly had the overwhelming urge to go through my closet and check on my clothes and stuff I put inside it and thank God I did. It's not that my closet was such a huge mess even when I put almost everything I kept inside it because I would always find a space in it. It's just that, I realized that it was so packed with everything that wasn't mine. Therefore, I decided to have it spring-cleaned, in 2 straight days. I took out everything from shirts, to pants, to my jeans and those that I don't think I would want to wear anymore. Then, I took out those that wasn't mine that my mother had been stuffing inside my small closet all these years. I took them all out and I put them all in a store closet. 

Then, I worked on my clothes. As I went through everything, hanged everything up and folded every piece, I found that I hadn't been wearing some of the clothes that I was keeping up to that particular day. I didn't know what to do with them. There were all still in great condition. It's just that I don't have the urge, the figure, and the right age to pull the look anymore. As I'm getting older, my taste is changing as well. Therefore, I decided to give them away to some of my friends. I have everything in all kinds of sizes. So, I don't really worry about giving them away. My friends all come in all shapes and sizes as well, that is so good to be aware of. I have given a few of my shirts to some of my friends who share the same size as me not long ago. I still do have some more that I'm going to give away later on. As a result, my closet has become a little bit much spacious than how it used to be like before I spring-cleaned it. 

It has also taught me something very important that day. Something that I'm lacking in terms of living as a human being. Something that my friends and family have always been reminding me up to this day. It is about giving away and be generous. I've always taught that I can keep my stuff for as long as I live without giving them away. And I've always taught that I wouldn't want anybody to wear my stuff and I would always find a day to wear them again. I admit that I was a little bit stingy in the past. And now, I still can't believe that spring-cleaning my own closet is all that it takes to change my heart. I feel a little bit liberated along the way as well. It's such a tremendously great feeling to make someone's day and make them happy even though with something as incredibly simple as a shirt. I'm living my life one day at a time as a person different than I used to be in the past and I couldn't be happier. Perhaps, those clothes are definitely things worth giving away and leaving behind after all ... 


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