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Long Gone Last Innocence ~ Fateful Haunting Reminiscence

Remember Today

I’m walking with my head up
Looking at those white clouds above
As minutes pass me by like a running river
I start to miss your faces

I turn to these flawed hands of mine
And they take me to a memory gone by
Where I used to feel afraid to reach out
Then absentmindedly, you took me in
You found me out

I close my eyes and say
“You were too kind back then”

I’ll remember today
As I’m walking away
I’ll remember today
As I’m counting my footsteps
Keep me in your heart, day and night
Write my name on the skylines
And I’ll be always on your mind

I look around our vacant class
I recall the first time we began
I looked at you, but you looked away
Seems like now, we’re more than best of friends

We felt love, we felt pain
We had joy, blues and heartbreaks
Under the sun, in the rain
We’d find glories, we would fail
Our story was one bittersweet fairytale
We’ve made it through
We’re unbreakable, it’s true

I put my hands on my chest and say
“I can never find this anywhere”

I’ll remember today
As our ending begins
I’ll remember today
As I wish good times don’t end
Keep me in your heart, day and night
Write my name on the skylines
And I’ll be always on your mind

We hug each other tight
We shake hands and say goodbye
As best wishes fill the air
I burn all pains and hurts to ashes
And say a little pray
Hope we’ll meet again one day

We’ll remember today
As we turn away and leave
You and this place
‘Till the day I rest in peace
If you ever find yourself missing me
Think of me and these words day and night
Keep me in your heart
And you’ll see your name on the skylines
You’ll be always on my mind.

A very nostalgic piece indeed. I wrote this one a few nights before my big final exam of my final semester before going for my practicum earlier this year. As I was studying and reflecting the things we all have done together for the last 3-4 years, and as my classmates were posting their goodbyes on Facebook, Twitter and all, I was really driven to write this. It was quite an easy moment writing this one down as all the memories and ideas were flashing on my mind together and the words just came smoothly. I dare to say, this is one of the sincerest piece that I have written. This was never meant to be a farewell kind of message. It was more like keeping all the memories we had made together safe in our minds and ushering the reality that we were going to face as we got nearer to the end. It's touching and moving, but also inspiring at the same time. 


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