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Long Gone Last Innocence ~ Fateful Haunting Reminiscence


That cold night came with so much glitter
Lighting up the perfect, navy blue sky
We were a few miles away from town
But, we knew there’s a celebration coming down

We took a car and drove away
As fast as we could, so we wouldn’t be late
But, we got there just in time to watch
The most beautiful night we’d ever had

Silence all around
10 to 1, we started to count

I looked at you
You’re too caught up in the moment
With a smile on your face
Enraptured by those fireworks
Bursting in the sky
And across the space
I took a chance and told you I love you
And that was the last thing I’d ever said to you

That cold night comes around again tonight
Can’t believe it’s been a year without you by my side
As I drive away, I wonder where you are tonight
Would you be there if I called you out this time?

Lovers, walking down every corner of the streets
Away from the world, what matters is here
Looking back at those days we used to be in love
I’ve got teary-eyed, I just can’t hold back these tears

It’s happening all over again
10 to 1, but everything remains unchanged

And I think of you
In the middle of the crowd
I fake a smile on my face
As I’m looking at the fireworks
My mind is filled with thoughts of you
In every space
Wish you were here to see me crying
I don’t want anything else
‘Coz it’s you I’m missing

Goodbyes fill the air
Ready to call it a day
All good things will come to end
But, hurts and pain are here to stay

I pray for you
As I’m closing another chapter of my life
Without a smile on my face
Then, the fireworks stop
I guess I have to go now
I’m heading back to my place
So, I take this chance to forgive you
But, I’d never know if I could ever forget you

The second one from a pair of work that I did after listening to a song. The first one was One Less Pair of Hearts. Another theme that goes on in that song is about how fireworks triggers love memories with that person, signifies the end of a relationship and paves a way to move on. Wrote this exactly after the first one. And I actually was writing this with a melody in mind. The story might just be an exaggeration. But the persona I took the inspiration to write this from is real and that person is a dear friend of mine ...

World of Wonders

Leave your bed cold now, sweet child
Open up your beautiful eyes
Wake up from your never-ending dream
The light of a new world is waiting

Don’t be afraid and whimper, sweet child
Open up your innocent heart wide
It’s time for you to look deep inside
In your soul you’ll find meaning, it’s not a lie

Take that first step and you realize
It’s a world of wonders outside
Full of things that you’ve never seen
And places you’ve never been

My sweet child
Waiting for the life to begin
Let your tears run dry
Make your way to a new beginning

Never feel a little too late to learn
There will always be a room for improvement
Evil whispers everywhere, lingering on your ears
Remember, God is ever watching over your shoulders

Growing up is a hard thing to do, love
So, better look on the brighter side
Mother will save you from falling out of love
Father’s hands will lift you up high ‘till you reach the sky

Hurricane winds and raging thunderstorm
Come crashing down on your way back home
Try to find a perfect shelter along the way
So, you’ll be coming back home safe from harm

My sweet child
Taking off on a journey
Never ever lose your sight
Keep praying wherever you may be

Don’t dwell on yesterday
If it ever makes you sad
Senseless fear won’t get you anywhere
Nothing’s coming in your way
Don’t worry, it’s gonna be okay
You know love will always take you there

My sweet child
Heaven above is ever forgiving
Mistakes are meant to be learnt
Live a life worth a thousand years of living

Something that I wrote a year ago. A very simple message for the youngsters who will take over the future when we've got older ...

Here We Are

Those days when we used to play around
With false hopes and empty dreams
We’re close to falling off the ground
And drowned ourselves in misery
We lost our guiding light so many times along the way
Never thought after all that we’d been through
We would ever find it again

Here we are
Together as one
Wrapping our sweet thoughts around us
Through the day and through the night
You’ll be here beside me
Forever ad always, you’re my one and only

Still remember
We used to sing those love songs
And we talked about those silly things
That you would be the queen
And I would be the king
In the imaginary castle that we built
Then, we had ups and downs and we both went away chasing dreams
Never thought after all these years
We would find ourselves loving each other once again

Here we are
Together again
Looking back at our bittersweet past
Can’t help but to cry
Knowing you’ll be by my side
Now I realize that we’re just meant to last

True love is here to stay
Happiness, whispering in the air
What more could I ask for?
I can never find another you anywhere
Now, let’s live and die
Together in the light

Here we are
Looking at each other
As we wrap ourselves around the promises
"Happily ever after” is right in front of us
Don’t ever think this is a fairytale
Just believe in what I say
Forever and always, we’ll stay this way

Since November this year a month full of weddings and heartbreaks, might as well I post this one that I wrote a year ago. Wrote this with a picture of a pair of hearts reminiscing good old bittersweet days before walking down the isle and lead a new life ahead. Even if heartbreaks are your company, it's good to take some time and reminisce all good times you had previously before you head on to another new beginning. ^o^ And for those who will be walking down the isle, I sincerely wish you all the best be happy...

One Less Pair of Hearts

It was yesterday
When you told me we would go out and play
I remembered it well
That you wanted to take me to that place
Where the night would never end

We would walk down the street where you used to see
Those dreams of love and bliss live eternally

Now, I’m here
Looking at those people walking hand in hand
Looking at the sky full of stars at night
Now, I’m here
Putting all hopes and fears in this one chance
But you’re nowhere to be found
I can see they’re sitting around, next to each other
Waiting for the fireworks to start
Bet they won’t ever realize
There’s still one less pair of hearts.

Guess it’s true
They say all your prays will be answered
And nothing can make you cry tonight
It makes me wonder
“Could these tears of mine dry this time?”

‘Coz I’m hoping you would wash them all away
And I would say a pray with every step we’d take

Now, I’m here
Looking at those people walking hand in hand
Looking at the sky full of stars at night
Now, I’m here
Putting all hopes and fears in this one chance
But you’re nowhere to be found
I can see they’re sitting around, next to each other
Waiting for the fireworks to start
Bet they won’t ever realize
There’s still one less pair of hearts.

I could make my way back home right now
And just pretend you’ve never promised me anything
I could just be looking around, wasting this time away
But I don’t know why I’m still waiting

And now I’m here
Looking at those people walking side by side
Under the sky full of stars tonight
But I’m in tears
Knowing I’ve been holding on to just empty words
‘Coz you’re nowhere to be found
The moment they begin to lie down on the grass
Fireworks tear the silence all apart
Guess they will never know
I’m that one less pair of hearts

Wrote this a year ago after listening to a Japanese song. In fact, this is one of a pair of original writings that I wrote based on that song. I couldn't help but to feel connected with the song. So, I wrote this one, based on the message it conveyed and a little bit of from a friend's experience, before calling it a day. I know very well how difficult it is to hold on to empty words and empty love ...

Rain on the Afternoon

I wake myself up
From that long, dreamless night
A sleep that seemed so restless
Though I’d turned off the light

I wake myself up
To the sound of teardrops falling on the roof
Absent-mindedly looking out my window
To find out it’s raining on the afternoon

People on the roadside turn away and run
As the grey clouds sail away under the sun
I’m sitting on my bed watching time flies by
So fast like these falling raindrops from the sky

Life seems to be so all over the place
Never know what might lie under the mess
Thinking of the big old world outside
Makes my young heart feel so little inside

I take a shower
Not knowing the water has gotten colder
As if I’m gonna get myself frozen
And no one cares to even bother

It’s way pass 12, I put on my clothes
And realize, I shouldn’t have dressed up so soon
My mind is here, but the thoughts are gone
In the pouring rain on the afternoon

Still, I could spend some time to say a little pray
Never give a chance for life to lead me astray
Hoping I would always be in the bliss of love
Always be blessed by Heaven above

Life seems to be so all over the place
All good things don't seem to last these days
Thinking of the crazy world outside
Makes this young heart cry a little inside

What a feeling
In this time I’m wasting
I’ll keep myself sane
As the rain keeps falling

This was written last year during one rainy afternoon of one of the lowest days I had. I had to make up my mind back then on one of those critical matters in my life. I poured this one out to get out of that sadness. Whatever is written in this piece is exactly everything I did at that time. How I wish things would be as simple as I imagine they would be ...

A Painful Choice For Tomorrow's Fulfillment ...

It's 1 in the morning where everything drowns in the darkness of the midnight. And it is very cold out there, I get chills all over me when I'm in the house. Currently in front of my sis's notebook because I had to send mine again to my technician. As always, nothing is perfect but I never would have thought it could get this imperfect. And guess what, I just got it 5 days ago and I had to send it to my technician because of one little problem that could get worse if untreated. What a day in the life of a boy just wanting to have his normal life back.

Today, somebody close to me bugged me with a triggering question that I was not prepared to answer. What am I going to do after graduating? Well, I never thought of planning to find job or whatever things that a normal person would do after finishing my practicum. But I did decide on certain things. I just didn't know how to answer it and I decided to keep quite about it. But the things that I had decided upon before this are definitely taking a lot more sacrifice than what I have now. It is definitely a painful choice to make, but it's worth every bit of sacrifice that I'm going to do for tomorrow's fulfillment ...