Innocence White Reminiscence Black

Long Gone Last Innocence ~ Fateful Haunting Reminiscence


Late last night, I just finished writing one more song, the one that I was working on and I said I wanted to finish before the day of my birthday comes. I got the chance to finish it and it's a great feeling of accomplishment, to think it might be the hardest song I've written so far. It took one week and still, I can't find a way to feel satisfied even though I feel like I've accomplished something. Well, there's still time to improvise. I'm gonna start writing what I consider to be the "ending-of-a-chapter" lyric before I open a new chapter and write more later on. Still considering what to write, either I want to write things that I usually do or other things that I never tried writing before. And tomorrow is another big day of mine too. I'm gonna close the door to another year of age and open a new year with hopefully, things that can make me stronger. I have a few big decision to make too, other than these. It just shows how much has life broaden your horizon and the self maturity that keeps on evolving through time. Somehow, in the midst of overwhelmingly sad emotions that I feel right now, I feel so anxious. What to expect and how I am going to react to everything that will come along the way. I don't know what to wish too. So much to think about, so much to be consumed in so little time. Hope I don't get lost in my own time ...


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