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Long Gone Last Innocence ~ Fateful Haunting Reminiscence


She’s a queen
The eyes of a thousand mysteries,
She’s a heroine
From the greatest story,
I’m enchanted as she stands in front of me,
She’s the greatest.

She’s the builder
Of the houses made of light,
She’s a whisperer
Changes the path from wrong to right,
She sparks fireworks when the sky is all clear,
She’s the greatest.

When the darkness seems so blinding,
And there’s no one to be seen,
She raises her hands and holds me tight,
Tighter than she’s ever been,
And she’s a woman.

She keeps it real
When the rest are saving faces,
She let me feel
The warmth inside these empty spaces,
She breaks the silent and cracks those walls,
And her love never ends.

You’re the brightest star
In this endless universe,
Though you’re so far way
Your heart seems so near,
There’s nothing I could say to you,
Than “I love you”.

When I’m lost in this game we called life,
And I’m holding on to the last breath of mine,
She saves me and flies me away to a better place,
She’s my saving grace,
She’s the woman.

The clock strikes midnight,
And I’m losing my sight,
Next thing I know, I’m all alone,
Then, she comes and light up this whole town,
And says “Don’t let your guards down.”
I know I won’t be alone,

I wrote this on Mother's Day. It's dedicated to mothers out there of course. However somehow, any female can actually relate this to them and it turned to women-as-universal themed lyric. So I dedicated this to all women out there.


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