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Long Gone Last Innocence ~ Fateful Haunting Reminiscence


Ignorance is bliss
In a moment, it ends with a kiss

Silence is golden
It breaks as the tables turn

Mirrors shatter to pieces
Reflections fall and disappear
You’re sitting around thinking over
Thoughts you have in mind are so unclear

Lift your hopes high
But, they can be so out of reach

Nightmare is the devil’s game
Sometimes, it can be so real

Lost in this world you don’t seem to bother
Promises you have failed to keep after all these years
You’re sitting around without looking your way out over
Never wonder where all those promises go

They say nothing is forever
And you believe it anyway

You run away from your loving family
And come back crawling at their feet someday

People come around with troubles and stories
So, seek that sacred light and you’ll find your glory
Don’t sit around thinking your senseless thoughts over
The life gets sweeter, it keeps getting better

I wrote this for a friend of mine and it's about the relevance and logic behind every single thing that you believe in.


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