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Long Gone Last Innocence ~ Fateful Haunting Reminiscence


In his eyes,
There’s nothing he couldn’t do,
There’s no wall he couldn’t break through,
In his life,
Love was all he had to offer,
If it’s gone, and it’s all over,
Uncertainty with a taste of curiosity,
And that was how he used to be.

To their eyes,
He was liked and loved so dearly,
There’s no room for dreadful memories,
What a life,
His never-ending miseries touched their hearts,
Strange enough, they never seemed to end,
As if he could get away from everything,
That was how he’s supposed to be.

He said, “Glad to get to know you.”
They said, “Friends forever, it’s true.”

They swallowed him in and spitted his flaws out,
They closed their ears and shut the past without a doubt,
The bliss and glory sealed those talking mouths,
They’ve never been this swept away.

Came a day,
When a single truth unfolded countless of lies,
Simple talks would turn to meaningless fights,
There’s no way,
He could ever be forgiven,
He blew all the chances he’s been given,
Just like a shadow, he’s disappeared,
Leaving them speechless and lost for words.

They wondered,
Why they didn’t just leave him alone,
Still, they held out and never walked away,
But I’m sure,
The pieces of the shattered puzzle,
Will fit in as one once again,
A lost bird would find its way back eventually,
And that’s how it’s gonna be.

Will the wait be forever?
Will they be waking up sober?

They kept on moving, kept on praying,
For “Men like us don’t kick and break.”
These words of honesty moved me so much,
I’ve never been this swept away.

Navy blue sky,
Of starless night,
Soon filled with glitters,
Of hopes shine bright,
“Pour down your love and grace upon them.”
Wish He would listen to this plea of mine…

A wrote this not long ago to let go something that has gotten me sadden until now. What's worst that having a person you call one of your best friend and suddenly, walk away with nothing to say after all the commotion, suffering and everything bad that the person had done? On top of that, pretending like nothing has happened. It's animal and that person's just anything worst than that. If that person ever happen to read this stuff I wrote, hope you'll get what you deserve and lose in your own little losing game. I pray you'd be burned scorch with all your lying mouth and dirty heart.


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