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Long Gone Last Innocence ~ Fateful Haunting Reminiscence

The Prayer

Driving the misery out of the mystery,
Killing those painful, throbbing memories,
I’ve been living a life so, so empty,
But it’s time for me to move on from this insanity.

Filling up the wide open space in my heart,
Putting back the love once torn apart,
Will I ever be free, I’ll never know for sure,
Just trying to believe, my tears have run dry.

Heaven’s where all the angels belong,
I open up my heart, break those devils away,
Get caught up in between, I’m lost for words,
I’ll say a pray to save my sorry.

When you’re stranded in the endless desert,
And everybody is nowhere to be found and heard,
Things you loved the most suddenly look insignificant,
Can’t you see, you need someone to hold your hands.

Why you have to mind those divine truths,
When you know they’re nothing but lies,
Yearning to your faith, crave for His sanction,
And raise your hands up in the sky.

When you couldn’t save the souls of the broken,
When you’re not strong enough to ram into the wall,
Just remember this, you’re only human,
You’ll say a pray, hoping for a call.

You’re not a savior,
I’m not a guardian,
And so, we’ll be the prayer,
And we pray,
For we’re only human.

I wrote this after listening to a song 2 years ago. It's about us being a prayer to the Holy One above and diligently praying and hoping for the best. In this time of endless grieving, saying a little pray for myself wouldn't hurt ...


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